Permit information for public beaches and parks

A lot of public beaches in parks in southern California require a permit and use fees to hold weddings and events.  Some require them no matter what size the number of people (including wedding party) will be.  Others require it for weddings over 20 guests.  Insurance fees may also apply to some parks and beaches.  There are also other beaches that do not require a permit at all and are on a first come, first serve basis.  The permit fees for some locations range anywhere from $30.00 per hour to $220.00 for 2 hours and up.

Our packages are priced without the permit fee included.  If the location requires a permit and you wish for us to assist you with obtaining it, the permit fee for that specific location will be applied in addition to the package price.  If the location does not require a permit, the package price is shown without the fee.  If you wish for us to assist you in obtaining a permit, we will email you the forms that you will need to print, fill out and send back with the amount due to the city where the permit is being issued.  Fees are due upon application, but some cities only require them 60 days prior (we will notify you which ones) to the event date.  Some cities require that the bride or groom sign the permit application and by sending the form indirectly it will expedite the process of securing your date/time.  You may have the option of obtaining the permit on your own (without our assistance) if desired.  Please contact us at (818) 850-3842 or email us for information regarding permit fees for specific locations.
If your wedding is a smaller group (20 or fewer guests) and no set-ups are needed, there are a number of beaches we can do our smaller wedding packages at that do not require a location permit.  These are our “Hearts and Blooms”, “Heart in the Sand” and “Everything on the Beach” packages.  Below is a list of cities by county we can do these packages at and will not need to obtain a permit:

Orange County:

-Seal Beach
-Huntington City Beaches
-Newport and Corona Del Mar (50 people maximum at this location only).
-San Clemente City Beaches

Los Angeles County:

-Long Beach/Belmont Shores